Work That Makes You Proud

The distributed global workforce has already changed the world. Teams no longer work under one roof against a single schedule, and the most successful companies are continually growing with a diverse group of people powering their businesses. We build tools to connect and engage the people at over 1,000 enterprises around the world.

Our Values

Alongside our broad company values, within Engineering we cultivate the following values:

  • Craft - software engineering lives at the intersection of art and science and we believe that engineers are ultimately craftspeople. We should be proud of the work we produce and never compromise on the quality of things we build.
  • Pragmatism - moving faster and more effectively than our competition while delighting customers is what drives us. We're more interested in how we do this rather than using the fanciest development paradigm. Perfect is the enemy of done. We frequently stop ourselves and ask the question "does this really need doing?" to make sure we're working on what matters, and delivering and unblocking customer value fast, and regularly.
  • Transparency - we iterate on both our software and our business practices and believe that our teams are best placed to help direct changes in both - we, therefore, make our business metrics available to everyone in the company and seek feedback on proposed changes from the team before implementing them in most cases.
  • Trust - we only hire people who share our core values and then let them get on with their jobs. We don't micro-manage or work from dogma, instead, we collaborate in a high-trust environment that focuses on allowing great talent to thrive and progress.
  • Accountability - the trust that everyone has for one another goes hand in hand with being accountable to your team.
  • Communication - we are an internal communication software and services provider, and we take communication to heart. In Engineering, we place a lot of focus on making sure the problem statement, and context is passed down and internalized - we don't like to keep people in the dark and force them to come up with their own ideas of the problems they're working to solve. Context leads to great discussions, challenging approaches, far better solutions, and greater customer value.
  • Progression - the best engineers are those that are driven to constantly learn and progress. We created a progression framework to support this and encourage the whole team to explore ways in which to learn and acquire new skills. We mean business in this respect - check out our Progression Framework.

The Road Ahead

We're growing fast and building out an exceptional team to help deliver the best products in the market. We believe that the best people want to work in an idea meritocracy that values collaboration and autonomous decision-making above heavy processes.

We have heaps of exciting projects on the horizon, and some really interesting technical hurdles to overcome - the software we're building, at the scale we're operating at, presents fascinating challenges which need the brightest minds.

Current Roles

If you're the best developer at your current company, if you thrive when problem-solving with exceptional people around you, and if you're excited to work on tools and platforms that help amplify productivity around the globe, then please get in touch.

We're looking for (at all seniority levels):

  • Full Stack Developers - We're looking for pragmatic, problem-solvers, who are exceptional Engineers - you'll be faced with big problems, and build things that reach millions of users. Do you have deep expertise in .NET/C# alongside a healthy dose of SQL, and web applications experience? We'd love to talk to you!
  • Front End Developers/Designers - are you an expert in React or Vue, and fluent in JS. Want your designs to be used by millions, and some of the largest organizations on the planet? Reach out to us - there may be a role for you!
  • SREs - are you an expert in AWS/GCP or Azure, who loves to build scalable, fault-tolerant infrastructures at scale. Are you curious by nature, keen to learn, and understand systems and services in-depth? If you're dependable, consistent, and reliable (it is in the job title 😉) - reach out to us!

View the job specs ➝

If you're excited by the opportunity but don't see a specific job spec, please reach out - we're always interested in talking to like minds.